In Web Design, Tech’s Not The Thing

We recently were involved in proposing a website design project for a popular actress, and had an opportunity to see a lot of responses to her request, which were posted on her Facebook page. What was surprising is that so many of these requests focused on the technical aspect of building a website.

“Our team of developers is skilled in…” trailed by a long list of technologies, programming languages, platforms and applications.  No emotion, no energy, no real enthusiasm for creating something engaging and wonderful.

In all of our years building websites for clients, never once has a client seen their new site and asked about the php code.  The business owner looking at their new home page has never wondered about the HTML structure, or how solid the javascript is, or how the roll-over effects are done.

These things are important to us as web professionals, of course.  I am a big believer in beautiful, clean code.  The back-end of any project should always be clean, well-structured and use best practices for performance, SEO and standards-compliance.  But, none of this a major factor in ultimately giving the client a positive experience.

When doing a quote for a client, it’s much more important to show an understanding of their needs and the best way to promote the product or service that they want to get out there to the world.  A love of design and a real energy surrounding the work that you are doing is far more important than a laundry list of competencies.

Too often in the tech world, we get bogged down in the merits of one technology or another and loose focus on the objectives that we want to achieve.  All of us in the tech world must get better at treating the technology as the tools of our trade, the paint brushes and oils that we used to create beautiful and lasting work.  The more we can achieve this, the better the technology will be appreciated and the more valuable your work will be to your clients.

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